A few months ago, we introduced you to a few of our blog writers. Since then, we’ve added another two dozen high school youth to our team. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and locations, meaning our blog has become a beautiful array of unique voices telling you a little bit about some very important topics. The youth are able to select their own topics, write freely, and work with the WRSFG team to get them ready for posting. Now, we want to introduce you to a some more of the wonderful humans behind the blog:




Hi, my name is Hamda and I am 15 years old. I live in Scarborough, Ontario. My hobbies include reading novels, obsessing over fictional characters, and writing! I enjoy creative writing and love writing short stories and sometimes even novels. I absolutely adore animals. I have two budgies, one yellow and one blue named Sunny and Sky. I enjoy listening to Ludovico Einaudi and many others. Can’t wait to see my blog posted.




My name is Andrew and I am currently a high school student living in Toronto, Ontario. I enjoy doing a variety of sports, such as fencing, swimming, cross-country, and tae-kwon-do. I love music as a hobby, and currently I play 2 instruments, the clarinet and piano. I am excited to be a part of this blog and I hope to touch on many important topics and issues that I find interesting such as gardening, agriculture and the environment. I have experience publishing and writing articles, as I am part of my school’s writing and publication council, and I feel like this blog is a great way for me to polish my writings skills for future endeavors. I look forward to sharing my passions in this blog. 




Hey! My name is Mackenzie and I’m a 15-year-old highschooler from Toronto. Other than writing, I’m more of the creative type of person (well at least that’s what others call me). I guess it’s because of how much time I spend doing visual art. I have a closet practically filled with art supplies – so, you know, if you ever need something, just call. I do have to say,  I was really happy to be able to have this volunteer opportunity. It lets me keep in touch with creative writing – which is something I love to do, and learn more about the environment – which is something that I want to learn more about. 

If you asked me about my plans for postsecondary, well..there won’t be much of an answer. I just keep telling myself that it’s too early for me to be thinking that far ahead…*sweats* On the plus side though, this means I’m open to anything! Guess I’m just gonna be going with the flow of things.




Hello, it’s great to meet you! My name is Alexandra, I’m in ninth grade, and I write for the WRSFG blog. Both environmental science and journalism are very interesting to me, so, when I heard I could combine those two things here, signing up was a no-brainer. I’ll write and you read and together let’s learn a bit more about nature.




Hey! My name is Ashlyn and I’m a 16 year old from Mississauga who just finished grade 10. My all time favourite thing to do is reading, and I love writing, drawing, and singing as well. I can’t wait to write some blogs to raise awareness and spread helpful information about environmental topics!




Hi! My name is Alessia, and I’m a ninth-grade student from Vaughan. As a kid, I was a major bookworm. In kindergarten, when it was “reading buddies” time, everyone would only bring 1-3 books in their hands. Me on the other hand, I had about 1-3 bags filled with books! My love for reading was probably the reason why I love to write. This passion for writing began two years ago. I feel that writing is a fun way to express what I’m thinking about. I’m dedicated to ending our worldwide water scarcity issue. I’m so happy I got an opportunity to write about this problem and make more people aware of the water crisis, thanks to Waterloo Region School Food Gardens. (I can’t wait until I can share my post about water scarcity with you). I’m fortunate that I found a great community that has a love for writing and wants to use this enthusiasm to make a positive difference in our world!




Hey guys! My name is Connor, and I’m excited to write! I’m writing for this blog because it feels new and exciting. I don’t have much writing experience, but I sure enjoy writing – I’m taking a creative writing course this summer! 

One of my favourite activities is running. I gotta tell you, it feels so freeing to run, it’s like I’m, I’m… flying(?) in a sort of sense? It is a little difficult to describe, but it’s fun.

 In the cover photo for this post is a silly photo of me taken when I recorded my application video for student council – oh yeah – I’m on council next year!

Thanks for reading about me, have a great day!




My name is Emily and I live in Kitchener Ontario. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and gaming, but I spend most of my time meandering within the thoughts of my head. My passion for writing and research brought me here to share the things I have learned with you.




Hello, my name is Tashifa. I am a 15 year old highschool student living in the peel region. I was born and raised in Nepal and moved to Canada around seven years ago. I really like drawing, listening to music, and eating. My favourite foods include momos, chicken manchurian, chowmein, and sel roti. I have lots of birds. They are very loud!

I have recently taken the position of a backup writer  for this blog, which I am really excited about. I hope to create creative and useful content for this blog. I have recently gotten interested in writing. Reading books got me inspired to write. I want to give back to my community as well. I look forward to you reading my blog posts.




Hi! My name is Jiya and I’m a 15 year old high school student in Guelph. I’m an avid reader and writer with a strong passion for the environment. My favourite subjects in school are Science and English. In my free time I enjoy watching horror films, reading and hiking. I love the environment and writing so blogging at the WSFG is perfect for me!




Hello everyone, my name is Jumana Ismail and I am 16 years old! I am currently a blog writer for Waterloo Region School Food Gardens. Although I love writing, I love to do many other things in my freetime and I know there are always ways to entertain myself. I decided to join WRSFG to complete my high school volunteer hours as well as I find it fun to write monthly blogs, choosing your own creative topic! I do have an interest in environmental issues and being a sustainable individual as earth is our home. My goal in joining WRSFG is to become a very well-informed individual about gardening and informing others about the knowledge I have and will gain in the future. I am honoured to be part of WRSFG!