Summer Garden SERIES

During summer 2023, we continued our garden-based programming for youth to learn about and engage with our food systems through hands-on workshops with local food leaders in Waterloo Region. Throughout July, August, and September, seven workshops were held at school garden sites, in collaboration with Smart Waterloo Region’s Nurture project. Over the course of this workshop series, we welcomed participants to discuss topics including soil health, permaculture, pollinators, seed saving, and more! In all, we had 74 youth & community attendees join us for learning and knowledge sharing. Now, we’re ready to continue the fun in 2024.. 

 Take a look at the fun from 2022 and 2023 below! 

A huge thank you to our workshop facilitators this season:


Bob Wildfong – Pollinators in the Garden

Robby Hoch – Chicken Care 

Nancy Hainsworth – Seed Saving

Nikola Barsoum – Permaculture Land Assessment

Joel Knight – Harvesting and Preserving Veggies

Chris Frazer – Composting

Amanda Hunter – Soil Science and Vermicomposting


 This project piloted in 2022 and featured six workshops collectively attended by 40+ community members. Take a look through the gallery below for some highlights!

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We are so grateful to all of our excellent 2022 facilitators who developed interesting and educational workshops and were so generous in sharing their knowledge with others. Thank you to Adam Kramer, Joel Knight, Mike Jones, Sarah Granskou, Katryn de Salaberry, and Nancy Hainsworth for all of their effort!