Lessons and Activities


With COVID-19 keeping children home from school, we understand the need for fun, creative, educational activities that parents and guardians can easily provide without the need for special materials

That is why we have begun highlighting those that fit the above criteria with an asterisk (*)This is in addition to the work we are putting in to add a dozen or more new activities each and every month to this page for as long as our young people are away from school. While many of the activities were designed for classroom use, the vast majority are easily adaptable for at-home use as well (Note: many of the below activities require access to nature!)

So, keep checking back and keep us in the loop by showing us the fun that your children are having with the activities below! You can email us directly, tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or use the hashtag #WRSFG on any of the social media platforms.

And be sure to head over to our print-outs page for more things to do!


All resources shared with permission.