Written by: Sky Lee

Edited by: Nehaa Kousihan

Designed by: Jiya Mehta

Published by: Maryam Khan


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although winter is beautiful, many individuals might suggest that it lacks colour. The cold weather often discourages people from gardening since it interferes with the growth of many plants. Additionally, there usually isn’t enough sunlight during the winter for photosynthesis, a vital process that converts carbon dioxide and water to sugar and oxygen. Photosynthesis is crucial for plants to make food for themselves to survive, which is why many plants die when winter arrives. 


However, people are missing out on an amazing opportunity to deepen their understanding of nature by not gardening in the winter. There are still plenty of plants that can survive the harsh weather. But by strategic planning and planting things earlier in the year, you’ll be able to have a full-grown colourful garden by the time it gets to winter!


Here are some examples of a plant, flowers, and vegetables that thrive in the cold to interest you in winter gardening!


  1.  Red Twig Dogwood: These shrubs stand out in the winter due to their striking red branches. By planting them in early spring or fall, you’ll be able to brighten up your yard! These plants need a lot of room to grow and need to be pruned annually. Pruning the older branches is very important since it allows room for new stems. 
  2. Winter Jasmine: Bursting with vibrance and beauty, these yellow flowers often bloom in January. These flowers should be planted in spring and have the ability to grow up to about 1.2 m in height and withstand temperatures up to -15 degrees Celsius! 
  3. Carrots: Did you know carrots prefer cooler weather? These tasty orange vegetables can be planted to be harvested in the winter. Also, the cold temperature converts the starch in the carrot to sugar, making it extra sweet! Since carrots take up to 12-16 weeks to grow, planting them around August will allow you to harvest them in the early winter. 


These are just a few suggestions to kickstart your gardening journey, as there are endless options for what you can do. Seize this opportunity by challenging yourself to garden and try something new!