Top 10 Sustainability Jobs To Battle Climate Change

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Written By: Justice Roote

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Designed By: Justice Roote 

Published  By: Maryam Khan 


How can you make a meaningful difference in a sea of people? Can a single person truly change anything for the better? Can you change the world


Maybe you are like me and these questions have a lingering presence in your mind. But, it gives me peace to know that even a drop of water can cause a ripple in the ocean. Even the simplest action has the power to make a lasting impact. Through each action, we have the power to change the world, for better or for worse. 


But that poses a greater, much scarier question. 


How do you change the world?? What can we do??


The truth is, I don’t know, but I might know where to start. 


Climate change is a massive problem in our society. It is sickening that those who do the least to cause this issue, are those who feel the impact hardest. At least for now, because as current trends persist, we will all feel the irreversible consequences eventually.


But I refuse to believe that we are doomed. I refuse to believe there is nothing more to be done.  


I am going to cover 10 jobs that can allow you to change the world and fight the climate crisis while simultaneously supporting yourself financially. 


Benefits Of A Career In Sustainability

  • As the world becomes more conscious of our ecological footprint, sustainability will become an asset in many working environments. 

  • You can feel a part of something bigger than yourself. You can find purpose in your job. 

  • You can fight global issues such as climate change while making an income. 

  • Sustainability can be applied to most industries and working environments, creating many different opportunities


Are you convinced yet?? Maybe a quick peek at some of the available careers will do the trick!


Top 10 Jobs To Fight Climate Change

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1. Ecologist 

Ecologists research and study the relationship between living things and their environment. In doing so, they can better understand nature and how human-caused events can influence other species. 

Educational Requirements 

University: BA in biology or related discipline


Average Wage

Canada: $37.05

Ontario: $38.46


                             Photo Credit :  Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

2. Environmental Engineer 

Environmental engineers can use a combination of engineering, biology, soil science and chemistry knowledge to plan, design, develop and manage a solution or project for environmental issues. Environmental engineers can specialize in air, water quality, soil and hazardous waste. 

Educational Requirements 

University: BA in civil engineering or related discipline. 

Average Wage

Canada: $41.20

Ontario: $39.18


                             Photo Credit :  Alena Darmel | Pexels 

3. Urban Planner 

They design plans for land use and recommend policies for land use management to create new communities, and strengthen physical facilities. They will typically work with infrastructure within communities such as towns, cities, counties and other metropolitan areas. 

Educational Requirements 

University: BA in urban/regional planning, geography, architecture, engineering or related discipline. 

Average Wage

Canada: $43.00

Ontario: $46.00


                             Photo Credit :  Pixabay | Pexels

4. Environmental Program Manager 

They work to ensure compliance with environmental regulations such as air quality, clean water, pollution management and waste management. Environment program managers can conduct research, prepare reports and provide consultation regarding resource use and environmental health. 

Educational Requirements 

University/College: BA or diploma in a scientific or technical discipline 


Average Wage

Canada: $39.78

Ontario: $41.03


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5. Solar Panel Installer

They are responsible for the assembly, installation and sometimes maintenance of solar panels or SP(solar photovoltaic) systems. 

Educational Requirements 

High school/ Previous Experience: Experience is preferred, but on-the-job training is likely provided. 

Average Wage

Canada: $22.00

Ontario: $22.00


                             Photo Credit :  José Andrés Pacheco Cortes | Pexels

6. HVAC Technician

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) techniques can install and maintain the heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems of clients. They ensure the functionality of these systems and make repairs if necessary. 

Educational Requirements 

College/Apprenticeship: Completion of a 2-5 year apprenticeship program, over five years of work experience in the trade, or high school, college or industry courses, in HVAC repair are typically required. 


Average Wage

Canada: $31.66

Ontario: $30.00


                             Photo Credit :  Karolina Grabowska | Pexels 

7. Sustainability Coordinator

They work with administration, faculty, and staff to develop, coordinate, and promote plans of action to improve the sustainability of an organization. They help a company or organization achieve the goal of becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly and ethical. 

Educational Requirements 

University: BA in an environmental discipline. 


Average Wage

Canada: $35.58

Ontario: N/A


                            Photo Credit :  Mount Polley | Pexels

8. Forest Conservation Technician 

May perform or supervise in support of forestry research, forest management, forest harvesting, forest resource cases and environmental protection. It Is essential to gather information about the forest and understand how the resources should be used. 

Educational Requirements 

College: 1-3 year program in forestry technology or renewable resources. 


Average Wage

Canada: $27.00

Ontario: $27.35


                            Photo Credit :  Jem  Sanchez | Pexels

9. Energy Analyst 

They will analyze the development and implementation of energy conservation strategies and efforts. They can help clients better understand energy-efficient improvements to be made and how to make those changes effectively. 

Educational Requirements 

University/College: BA or diploma in related scientific/technical discipline. 

Average Wage

Canada: $39.78

Ontario: $41.03


                             Photo Credit :  Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels 

10. Entrepreneurship

If none of these careers appealed to you, there is another option. You can pave your own path and create a career for yourself. The best part is there are no requirements and there is no limit to the money you can make (within reason of course). Perhaps the only downside is the effort required, but paving a new path is no easy feat. 


There are many benefits to a sustainability career including fighting one of our greatest obstacles, climate change. Perhaps one of these careers has interested you. If not, you can still make a meaningful difference in other ways besides your career. 


Remember, even a single drop can make a ripple in an ocean. You can even change the world!



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