Written by Margarita Cherkashyna

Why is it so important to start supporting local farmers? In challenging times like COVID-19, when it is difficult for small businesses to keep up with the times, people have to wonder how they can help their community? This post focuses on the rationale for supporting local production and its benefits. By supporting local farmers, people will not only save money within the community and improve the economy in the area, but they will also get better quality products at lower prices, which will also help with environmental problems and more.


1. Jobs Opportunities & Tax Control 

Small businesses alone provide most of the jobs across the country and in most cities, so how well that business is doing is the main source of most municipal taxes. So, by buying food from local farmers, you can help the community find jobs and lower taxes. As many people are losing their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, new job opportunities will help those in need of increased income for farmers who cannot trade their goods while self-isolating outside the city.


2. Financial Support For The Community 

Since local farms in towns can’t trade outside the country, they have more sales in their area, which means they control more municipal taxes. So when you shop in these places, they pay more municipal taxes, which go straight to the communities in the city where the businesses are located. Thus, when you shop on local farms, you are trading in the goods you need to grow your community. Moreover, with good demand, farms will not need to rely on other countries for trade and cooperation, which means more money goes to our country and your city. 


3. Environmental Issues 

Shopping locally will help solve the environmental problems we face today, such as pollution. More purchases outside the country or even within the country, but from farther away, can cause tremendous overuse of natural resources and environmental pollution. However, local shopping does not require such sacrifices and helps to save our environment.

4. Health Improvement 

The food from the grocery stores is often chemically treated due to the long shipping from further places, so the food needs to stay fresh with many different additives that can seriously harm your health. However, local shopping prevents you from that risk, and all the supplies are coming straight from the local fields. Many farmers do not own as many fields and do not usually rely on money from other corporations. This way, they don’t need to grow certain foods on time or in a certain amount, so there is no need for pesticides to keep the foods fresh for longer.

5. Animal Support 

You can find meat and dairy products on local farms that do not use hormones or antibiotics. So they didn’t get harmed or grown in cages as big corporations usually do due to lack of space. Small farms do not raise as many animals at the same time and provide enough space and resources for the healthy and stress-free growth of wild animals.


6. Seasonal Goods 

Small farms do not keep or grow the products in artificial conditions and can’t have some fruits or vegetables all year long. However, seasonal growth allows you to taste and reconnect with the cycle of nature in your area. The weather and the climate where food is grown affect what and how much farmers get. For example, asparagus is more readily available from April to June than other months due to the climate. Also, pumpkin between September and December, as conditions allow it to grow more.

7. Unique Variety & Tips

Local farmers bring in many products that are not easy to find in supermarkets, such as all kinds of honey, carrots, berries, asparagus, peaches, bread, mushrooms, spices, rhubarb and more. Especially in season, some foods can be found in a wide variety with rich tastes. Plus, most farmers enjoy giving advice and sharing recipes on “how to prepare certain foods to make them taste better.” You can also attend farmer culinary demonstrations and engage with the local community.

8. Community Connection

Local farms are another opportunity to support your community and participate in its growth. By visiting the farmer’s market, you can directly invest money by purchasing goods, and it will go directly to the community through taxes. It is also a good way to make friends with people with similar interests or find out what you like.


9. Support For The Future

By shopping at local farms, you help ensure there will be more in the future by increasing demand for local produce. Also, it helps to continue to address economic and environmental issues such as keeping money in the country, controlling taxes, pollution, and fossil fuels for trade and manufacturing.


In conclusion, supporting local farmers can benefit not only them but you and your community as well. Everyone can participate now and contribute to the prosperity and support of each other during these difficult times.


Source: https://cuesa.org/learn/10-reasons-support-farmers-markets