Written By: Tianna

Edited By:  Linda

Designed By: Jiya

Published By: Maryam Khan



What should I wear today? Is it a good day to garden? Should I go to the park? Will it rain? Do I need a coat? 


We rely on the weather a lot in our daily lives, and meteorologists make sure that we can go about our days with little forecast surprises. Meteorologists help predict both long and short term threats, with the help of my personal best friend, the seven-day forecast. By helping to predict the weather, meteorologists help protect people’s lives. When traveling abroad or venturing outdoors, knowing when the skies will be clear of threats is key to keeping everyone as safe as possible. Meteorologists also help farmers to know when it’s best to plant and harvest their crops. We have a lot to thank them for! 


Not only does the study of weather help with what we wear and what events we do each day, but meteorology can help predict prevalent issues such as climate change. This means that we have as accurate information as possible on what we can do right now to save the planet! By studying climate change, this allows further examination on how it might impact humans, plants, animals, and the environment. 


Meteorology is a crucial career that impacts everyone’s lives in some way. From studying data and researching new scientific discoveries to working for the news, meteorologists contribute much to our everyday lives – we have a lot to thank them for!


Meteorology is not a career that is often brought up during career day in elementary school or generally spoken about. Nonetheless, meteorology is a riveting career path, and if you love the weather, then it may be the one for you! 


Meteorologists often get a degree in one of the following: 

  • Meteorology 
  • Mathematics 
  • Physical sciences 
  • Computer science 
  • Environmental science 
  • PhD or research based MSc


There are also a wide variety of careers for meteorologists! You can work… 

  • For the government
    • Federal 
    • Provincial/territorial 
    • Municipal 
  • In a college, university, or research department 
  • On television 
  • For radio news stations 
  • In environmental or engineering consulting firms 
  • Meteorological organizations 
  • Transportation companies 
  • Resource companies
  • Utility companies 


…and much more! 


Overall, meteorologists play a crucial role in our lives and we have a lot to thank them for. They help with alerting people of potential danger, promoting public health & safety, and are responsible for the advancement of technology. If you have an interest in saving the planet, learning about the weather, spreading awareness about environmental issues, or analyzing complex data, then meteorology may be for you! It’s certainly a very unique career path with loads of benefits. Shout out to all the meteorologists! 



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