Written by: Connor Fraser


Animals, soaring above the great lands of Earth, dwelling on the land, in the soil, or swimming in vast waters, all living in harmony… this is what the Animal Alliance of Canada, a non-profit organization, wants. For animals to live free of mistreatment, which many humans take for granted. 

They understand animals have feelings too, and they speak for their needs. 

Their main form of animal advocacy comes from electoral politics, where they push for sound animal treatment laws. They created the Federal Animal Alliance Voters Party of Canada which focuses exclusively on environmental and animal protection.     


They even created a project known as “Project Jessie” to rescue lost, stray, and abandoned cats and dogs. This project is a lasting tribute to a dog named Jessie, who the Animal Alliance of Canada unfortunately could not save in time. Poor Jessie ended up at the pound to be researched on. 

The campaign saves animals from starvation, being taken for research, predators, the cold, heat, disease. Not only that, but it shows the animals we love them, and that there is far more to life than suffering. The organization also rescues cows, sheep, rabbits, and any other small animal in need. The rescues are provided with loving shelters until they are adopted into loving, responsible homes. 

Now that, in my opinion, is extremely heart-warming, even a little tear-jerking too. 

One of their current goals is to stop the passing of the “Ag-Gag law” or Bill 156. Bill 156 is criminalizing the practice of undercover investigations about how animals or farmers are treated on Canadian farms.

Additionally, the Animal Alliance of Canada wants to ban animal cosmetic testing, which are inhumane practices used in companies such as L’Oréal, Tom Ford, and Sephora. They also want pets out of scientific research.

The Animal Alliance even has their own blog – just like Waterloo Region School Food Gardens! The blog tracks their progress, advocates for animal welfare, and is a news source involving how animals are treated! 

 How can you help?

      First, you can reflect on how well you are treating animals and the environment. You can start by reducing. Reduce your waste, use of non-renewable plastic water bottles, use of electricity, and the amount you fish.

If you have any pets, take care and be kind to them. Keep their supply of food, water, and anything else needed large. 

On their website, you will find several of their campaigns, like preventing the Department of National Defence from harming animals for the sake of preparing for combat, preventing hunters from poisoning wildlife, or preventing a mass slaughter of seals. They provide instructions on how you may get involved, which can include emailing important figures. 

Use this link to donate:https://www.animalalliance.ca/donate/

It is a blessing to know that the Animal Alliance Association exists, as we almost never hear of organizations which protect the rights of animals. We often hear of humans and their suffering, but never animals. Animals hurt just as much.  

We certainly have a long way to go to ensure animals are treated correctly, however we know the Animal Alliance of Canada is on the case. 

Do you want to learn more? Visit this website:https://www.animalalliance.ca/about/