Blogs are everywhere these days. It seems that every time I have a question and type it into Google, there will be at least one blog post on the first page of results. No matter the topic, there is someone, somewhere, writing about it on their blog. And why not? Blogs are a great medium for sharing stories, ideas, thoughts, and information in a relatively low-stress and low-barrier way. They can inspire creativity and curiosity, and can be a great activity for brushing up on one’s writing skills. 

And now, we are so excited to announce that our brand new blog is launching this month! This isn’t just any blog – this is a youth blog

What is a youth blog? 

A youth blog can be plenty of different things. Our youth blog is a collaborative project where we have invited students from all over Waterloo Region, the GTA, and beyond to join with us in writing about topics that matter to them. The primary goals here are: 

  1. Empower youth to build experiences and products that they are proud of;
  2. Provide a platform rich in accurate and useful information for other youth (and older folk!) to learn from, told from the perspectives of young people.

Topics will cover a wide range of areas: gardening, food literacy, sustainability, climate change, and community building being just a few. Students are able to select their own topics, write at their own pace, and submit their work for feedback before posting it up.  We want our volunteers to have the autonomy to decide for themselves how their time with us plays out. And we’re signing off on community hours using an honour system: youth submit to us how many hours each post took to research and write and we sign off on those hours. COVID-19 has presented enough hardships for everyone, young people included, and we are excited to provide flexible, fun opportunities for them to get the hours they need to graduate. 

WRSFG staff (myself included) will be available to support the writers every step of the way. Not sure what topic to choose? Reach out. Can’t decide if a particular news article is a reliable source? Reach out. Having a hard time wording that sentence just right? Reach out. 

How can you support our blog? 

You can support this exciting new project in a few different ways: 

  1. Read the blog posts when they come out! For now, they will be posted biweekly on Thursday evenings beginning April 15th.
  2. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18, sign up to be a blog writer with us
  3. Send us an email with suggestions for topics that you’re interested in learning about! 
  4. Donate to us so that we can continue creating and sustaining projects like this!

The fact that you’re reading this right now means a lot to us. We hope you’ll stick with us as this project comes to life! Happy spring!

Rayna Almas is a Program Developer with WRSFG