A child born from sacred dirt is now born from plastic, 

It may seem exaggerated, but really, it’s drastic. 

The birds that once flew in the breeze from oak to oak,

now struggle to reach their nests through the smoke.

The fish that swam between corals which were unspoiled,

now struggle to live as they splash around in oil. 

We’ve begun to hate our planet more than we believe, 

Trees are cut down and sunlight becomes a pet peeve. 

However, when everything is gone, there won’t be any time to grieve. 

So take some time and work for our Earth, 

By mending our ways we can offer our planet rebirth. 

Because when that fatal day will arrive, 

Nothing will have a chance to thrive. 

Love our Earth and care for these lands, 

For once, put down your own demands. 


– Zinnia S. Gill