Written by: Connor Fraser


As I’ve grown up, I’ve always considered Winter to be my favourite season. In appreciation of the coming winter…….. I’ve decided to write a poem. I don’t have much experience writing poems, however, so who knows how this will go. 





Flying bugs,

        Gone too. 


Naked, vulnerable trees, 




        Mix to make one cloud,

                Big, big cloud.


Then came the first pretty snowflake,

        Falling from the heavens, 

                On your palm,

                        Quickly dissolving,

                                Then joined by a friend,

                                And another,


Until an army falls, 

        All different directions, 

                All unique


Fashionable flurries, few festivities like it. 

        Knowing there’s always warmth inside when outside is bitter. 

                Jolly songs played on the radio,

                you know you’ve heard time and time again. 


Snow always surprises,

        Inches of its soft and thick blanket, 

                cover all that stands.



        For you and all else know of the break from work,

                To meet those you love. 

                        To see them together. 



                                Being covered in snow,


Deer roam the snow,

        White rabbits frolic in the chill

                Few brave birds stay in the winter chill.


        Children are free of school,

        The magic of seeing your raspy breath 


Bright lights, 

        The lights of winter line homes.

                Scare the raccoons hungry for your garbage. 

                         Or whatever living lies within.  


The joy of shaking a raspy tree branch, 

        Causing an avalanche of snow to fall


Very few times is it possible to make men,

        Of snow.

                Very few times is it possible to slide,

                         In sleds. 


Very few times does the ground turn white

        And be so soft but so harsh.


Clear upside-down cones, 

        Hang from whatever hangable.


Never are there more festive holidays than there are now. 

        There is no greater comfort than knowing the infinite blanket of snow will shield 

                you from what’s above.


Because when you see your loved ones standing there, 


        Under the vast infinite flurry,

        You know everything,

        Everything’s going to be okay.