Whether you're an aspiring or experienced seed saver, we have a number of resources to help build your skill and confidence:

How To Save Your Own Seeds: A Handbook for Small Scale Seed Production

•    Detailed, step-by-step seed saving and storage instructions

•    Beautiful illustrations and photographs

Cleaning Your Seeds

Drying Your Seeds

Storing Your Seeds

Seed Saving Presentations

Seed Saving Basics with Dan Rubin

Intermediate-Advanced Seed Saving with Bob Wildfong

Need an experienced seed saver to lead a workshop or training event?

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security publishes the Seed Saving Trainers in Canada listing people available to provide seed saving training across the country.

Basic Instructional Handouts (feel free to print and share!)

Simple seed saving instructions for a few easy vegetables - summarized from our book (above):

Basic Plant Botany:

Looking to have a bit of fun? 

Learn a thing or two (or six!) about seeds: 

==> Seedy Trivia