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mail@seeds.ca  - For questions about memberships, programs, donations, and general inquiries.

rayna@seeds.ca - For questions about Seedy Saturdays, our social media, or our website.

magazine@seeds.ca  -  For questions about Seeds of Diversity magazine, including article submission and advertising.


Seeds of Diversity Canada
1-12 Dupont St. West, Waterloo, ON N2L 2X6


Can you send me a catalogue?

We are not a seed company; we're an organization for seed savers. Our members save seeds of rare garden plants and exchange them through a member-to-member seed exchange. You can join and participate!

How does membership work?

Beginning in 2022, memberships are completely free. That means that anyone can join us without the risk of financial barriers.

Members receive: 

  1. Subscriptions to our Seeds of Diversity magazine, and our monthly email bulletin. These are available in English and French, and keep members up to date on Seeds of Diversity's seed conservation work, news about seed issues in Canada and around the world, and give handy do-it-yourself instructions for saving seeds, gardening, and attracting native pollinators.
  2. Our annual Member Seed Directory in early winter each year, linking members who offer over 3000 different kinds of vegetable, grain, fruit, herb, and flower seeds.

Memberships run from January to December of each year. Even with the free membership, you will need to renew each year. The process is quick and simple, and can be found in our Store. There is an option to receive a paper copy of the Member Seed Directory for $10/year.

Join or renew your membership now.

How many members do you have? 

We have about 1,000 members from coast to coast in Canada, and some in the U. S. as well.

Can I get the email bulletin for free?

Yes! The monthly email bulletin is available for both members and non-members for free. While we prefer you sign up as a member in order to gain the other perks - grow-out opportunities, Member Seed Exchange - you can also sign up using only your name and email to receive the e-bulletin. Available in English and French. Sign up now.

Can I participate if I live outside Canada?

Yes, all costs are the same for those in the US as they are for those in Canada. We charge US citizens in USD, which adequately covers additional shipping and administrative costs. Note that tubers, roots and bulbs cannot cross the border without proper inspection and quarantine. Corn and wheat seeds also cannot cross the border.

Can my group join?

Yes, we welcome groups. Please mention your group in the notes section of the membership form. Group members can share the magazines. The Seed Directory is sometimes used to obtain seeds for project gardens of horticulture groups, but it is not meant to be shared for individual group members' gardens. The people who offer seeds through our Seed Directory are home gardeners, volunteers who save seeds and offer them to help preserve the varieties. We trust that other volunteer organizations will respect our members' dedication and use our Seed Directory responsibly, and for the purposes that our volunteers intend.

Can I donate my Aeroplan miles to Seeds of Diversity? 

Yes, please go to https://beyondmiles.aeroplan.com/eng/charity/622 and donate your miles there.

How can I donate from my event?

Contact us at mail@seeds.ca to set up a personalized plan for people to donate directly to us or to ask us about taking up collections. We will be honoured to help you set up in-memoriam, wedding or event donations.