This is a listing of events for our members and others interested in plant biodiversity, heritage gardening, organic gardening, and seeds. If you know of any other upcoming events, please send the information to

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Do you have leftover seeds from your seed swap or seed library?

We can help circulate them to our representatives who will put them to good use at other community seed swaps. Every week during the winter, we mail books and table-top materials to Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays all across the country, so we can easily include your leftover seeds in our packages. Our volunteers will make sure the seeds get to their local seed swap tables and seed libraries, so you'll know that they won't go to waste.

Mail your leftover seeds to:

Seeds of Diversity Canada
#1-12 Dupont St West
Waterloo ON N2L 2X6

Seed Farm Field Tour at Fundy Farms

Tuesday August 28, 2018          10 to 1:30
Edgett's Landing, Albert Co., NB

You are warmly invited to join ACORN and host farmer Angela MacDougall for a farm tour and cob oven lunch. While walking the fields of Fundy Farms, we'll learn about all aspects of this small-scale, diversified farm, including their veggie, herb, and maple operation. Bee Wise Beekeeping will be on site to speak to us about bee keeping on-farm, and we'll give special attention to Fundy Farms new-found focus on growing seed crops -- how and why they've integrated seed saving into their farm plan! Don't miss this great field day!

This workshop will go ahead rain or shine! Please dress for the weather, including good shoes to walk the fields. Registration costs: $10 / $20 ACORN Non/Member rates includes a delicious lunch prepared with on-site cob oven. Please register online.

Contact: seed [at]

More information:

Field Day: Soil Health Management Tools & Participatory Variety Trials

Wednesday August 29, 2018          10 to 3
Fertile Ground Farm, 1560 Carmel-Koch Rd
St. Agatha, ON

ertile Ground CSA is one of the most established diversified market gardens in Ontario. Angie Koch is constantly experimenting with new projects and systems on how to run a well-managed ecological vegetable farm. Bring a pot luck item for lunch!

On this field day, you will get a chance to learn about two exciting projects at Fertile Ground CSA this year:

North American Variety Trial Network: A North America-wide variety trialling program on peppers working with over 50 farms across the U.S. and Canada.
Farmer-led Research Program: Angie is conducting her third research trial in cooperation with EFAO’s Farmer-led Research Program. This year, Angie is assessing her spader to reduce soil structure while still managing weeds.
The first half of the field day will focus on how to run successful on-farm vegetable variety trials. Angie is participating in the North American Variety Trial Network, evaluating different varieties of open-pollinated and hybrid bell peppers. The goals of the trial are to assess which varieties of peppers work best on her farm, and would be suitable for seed production and future plant breeding projects. We will walk you through how to set up a successful variety trial program for your farm.

The second half of the field day will focus on Angie’s farmer-led research trial, Assessing a spader for soil structure, and some common on-farm methods for measuring soil structure and overall soil health. Anne Verhallen of OMAFRA will join use to do in-field demonstrations using a soil penetrometer, water infiltration, soil respiration, and the tea test index for soil health as well as best practices for taking soil samples to send to laboratories for analyses.

Contact: adey [at]

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Field day on Participatory Plant Breeding for Potatoes

Friday September 7, 2018          9 to 1:30
Beet Box Farm, 230 Davidson's Side Road
Ottawa, ON

Join Duane Falck at the Beetbox Farm for a workshop 100% potato!

Since 2013, The Bauta Family Seed Initiative in collaboration with the University of Manitoba has been running a participatory plant breeding program on potatoes. Over 20 farmers across the country are involved in selecting and improving different varieties of potatoes on their farm, to develop their on on-farm variety. Duane Falk, the potato breeder for the project, has been doing organic breeding work for cereals for over 30 years, and he is now applying that knowledge to help develop new potato varieties for farmers across the country.

The workshop will include:

A discussion on selection: How to select in the field? How to develop new potato varities on your farm?

In the field selection: A hands-on experience in selecting potato in the Beetbox field

The workshop will be followed by a 100% potato potluck. Potato is a versatile produce that can be served from appetizer to dessert. Bring your original potato dish to share it with the rest of the group!

Contact: adey [at]

More information:

Field Day: Low-Till Vegetable Management Systems and Participatory Variety Trials

Wednesday September 12, 2018          10 to 3
The New Farm, 9783 Sideroad 6 & 7 Nottawasaga
Creemore Central, ON

Brent Preston and Gillian Flies at The New Farm run one of the most successful vegetable farms in Ontario. On this field day, you will get a chance to learn about two exciting projects:

BC Seed Trials: A Canada-wide variety trialling program on carrots working with over 25 farms across Canada.
Farmer-led Research Program: Brent and Gillian are conducting a research trial in cooperation with EFAO’s Farmer-led Research Program focused on low-till methods for organic salad greens.
The first half of the field day will focus on how to run successful on-farm vegetable variety trials. Brent and Gillian are participating in the BC Seed Trials program, evaluating different varieties of open-pollinated and hybrid carrots. The goals of the trial are to assess which varieties of carrots work best on his farm, and would be suitable for seed production and future plant breeding projects. We will walk you through how to set up a successful variety trial program for your farm.

The second half of the field day will focus on Brent and Gillian’s farmer-led research trial investigating low-till options for salad production. To help regenerate soil health, Brent and Gillian want to reduce the number of tillage passes they makes for their production of organic salad mix. To do this, they are comparing tarping as a method for bed preparation. We will discuss the motivation, experimental design and measurements, and results-to-date of the trial.

Contact: adey [at]

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Ontario Seed Variety Showcase Garden & Variety Tasting

Wednesday September 19, 2018          10 to 3
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre, 5812 6th Line
Hillsburgh, ON

Come celebrate seed diversity in Ontario! Vegetable farmers and seed growers all across the province are trying to figure out how to source more locally-adapted seed for their farms. The majority of all the vegetable seed most farmers use comes from outside our country, but there is so much great seed being grown here in Ontario. Come to Everdale and check out The Bauta Family Seed Initiative’s Ontario Seed Showcase Garden where you can see the best varieties produced and bred by Ontario growers all in one place! Bring a dish for the pot luck lunch.

This field day will include:

A tour of the showcase garden profiling the best-performing varieties from Ontario seed companies and farmers for market gardeners
A tour of participatory variety trial and plant breeding plots of peppers, winter squashes, and carrots for the EFAO’s Farmer-led Research Program
A variety tasting of a sample of the vegetables from the showcase garden and plant breeding programs, as part of a potluck lunch
An overview of all of the seed production and plant breeding efforts in the province, and how you can support local, ecological seed in Ontario

Contact: adey [at]

More information:

Pollinating the Seed Movement: Community Seed Organizers’ Symposium

Tuesday October 30, 2018          9:30 to 5
Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
Truro, NS

Presented in partnership by ACORN and Dalhousie Libraries, the day will include a tour of Seeding Ideas seed library and other campus projects, a seed swap, a resource showcase of useful publications, websites, and tools, networking time, and - of course - great workshops and presentations about all aspects of community seed organizing. We'll hear from organizers around the region about their tips and strategies for managing volunteers, engaging youth, fundraising, partnership building, seed handling & tracking, and more!

We're now requesting proposals from anyone with knowledge, tips, resources, and strategies to share with the community! Please complete the RFP form by July 13, 2018!

Please note that ACORN will provide a van from Sackville, NB, as well as car pooling support to make it easier for NB and PEI participants to attend.

More information on registration to come.

Contact: seed [at]

More information:

ACORN Conference

Monday November 26, 2018          to Nov 28
Charlottetown, PE

ECOSGN-EFAO Conference

Thursday December 6, 2018          Dec 6 to 8
Four Points by Sheraton, 1150 Wellington Road South
London, ON

The Bi-annual ECOSGN Conference is happening December 4 - 6, 2018, in London, ON in partnership with the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO). It is sure to be a fantastic conference, chock full of great seed content. If you are interested in attending, you may be eligible for a Capacity Building Grant to support up to $500 of your travel and registration costs.

Contact: conference [at]

More information:

Seeds of Diversity's Seed Celebration and AGM

Saturday December 8, 2018          pm
Four Point by Sheraton, 1150 Wellington Rd S
London, ON

Our annual AGM takes place alongside the EFAO-ECOSGN conference this year. Plan to attend both! Members needed, but all are welcome at our AGM.

Contact: mail [at]

More information: