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This is a list of vegetable and fruit seeds that were sold in recent years by Canadian seed companies.

Click on a section in the list below to see the varieties available, and the companies that sold them. Visit these companies, buy their seeds, and enjoy a beautiful, diverse garden this summer!

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Edible Antiques
Mumm's Sprouting Seeds



Agrohaitai Ltd.
Greta's Organic Gardens
Harmonic Herbs
La Finquita Seeds
Mountain Grove Seed Company
Prairie Garden Seeds
Prairie Orchard Organics
Tourne-Sol Co-operative
Urban Harvest Organic Seeds


Please note: Seeds of Diversity has no store, and no mail order seed sales. We collect back-up seed samples for conservation of endangered varieties, and recruit volunteers to help grow fresh seeds. This list is here to help you find commercial sources, and to help us set our conservation priorities.

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Other Greens and Vegetables - Varieties Sold in Canada

Achocha-Cyclanthera pedata -Lady's Slipper
Agretti/Barba di Frate
Arrowhead/Sagittaria latifolia
Autumn Express
Bao Tah
Broadleaf Plantain
Buckhorn Plantain/Erba Stella, Barba di Cappuccino
Buckhorn Plantain/Erba Stella, Barba di Cappuccino.Minuetia
Cardoon, Cynara
Cee Gwa, Chinese Okra Ridged
Cee Gwa, Chinese Okra Smooth
China Express
Chinese Artichoke/Crosne/Cross of Japan
Chinese Cabbage, Blues, Nappa
Chinese Cabbage, China Gold, Nappa
Chinese Cabbage, Jazz, Nappa
Chinese Celery, Kun Choy, Boly
Chinese Celery, Kun Choy, Light Green
Chinese Celery, Kun Choy, Tianjin Green
Chinese Lettuce, Yu Mai Tsa, Sword Choy
Chinese Toon, North Red
Choy Sum, Green 49 Impr.
Choy Sum, Elite 70 Days
Choy Sum, Green 70 Days
Choy Sum, Green 80 Days
Choy Sum, Late Green
Choy Sum, New 80 Days
Choy Sum, Welcome
Chufa, Ale Select
Chufa, Black Tigers
Corn Salad/Mache
Corn Salad/Mache, Baron
Corn Salad/Mache, Broadleaf Dutch
Corn Salad/Mache, Granon
Corn Salad/Mache, Large Leaf Round
Corn Salad/Mache, Medallion
Corn Salad/Mache, Valgros
Corn Salad/Mache, Vilmorins
Corn Salad/Mache, Vit
Dandelion, French, Thick leaved
Dandelion, Pink
Dwarf Chiang Shin
Earth Chestnut
Feng Qing Choi
Foo Gwa, Bitter Melon, Jade Dragon
Foo Gwa, Bitter Melon, Showy
Foo Gwa, Black Pearl Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Canton Green Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Canton Green Improved Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Delica Thorn Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Indian Mini Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Long Green Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Long White Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Mandarin Green Bitter Melon
Foo Gwa, Medium Spindle Bitter Melon
Gai Lan
Gai Lan Green Pearl
Gai Lan Midwater
Garland Round Leaf
Gobo Takinogawa /Long Burdock
Gobo, Shosaku, Japanese Burdock
Gobo, Watanabe Early
Good King Henry
Groundnut/Apios americana
Guy Lan
Guy Lan, Green Island
Guy Lan, Noble Jade
Guy Lan, Ryokuho (Green Jade)
Hog Peanut/Amphicarpa bracteata
Hon Tsai Tai
Jicama, Yam Bean
Kaillaan Broccoli White Flower
Lambsquarter, Magenta Sprean (Chenopodium giganteum)
Mao Gua (Hairy Gourd), Fong Show
Mao Gua (Hairy Gourd), Fuzzy Star
Mao Gua (Hairy Gourd), New Jang Sin
Mao Gua (Hairy Gourd), Seven Star
Mei Qing Choi
Mertensia maritima. Oyster Leaf
Michihli, Blues
Michihli, CR Mini Top
Michihli, CR Minitop
Michihli, CR Napa King
Michihli, Greenrocket
Michihli, Qing Summer No.1
Michihli, SD Mini Napa
Michihli, Spring Choice
Ming Choi
Minuet, Chinese Cabbage
Miriam Sponge-Sin Gua
Mitsuba, Kansai
Oxalis tuberosa - OCA
Pak Choi
Pak Choi Ching Chiang
Pak Choi, Baby
Pak Choi, Big Choy
Pak Choi, Bopak
Pak Choi, Canton
Pak Choi, Cantong White
Pak Choi, Chun Mei
Pak Choi, Chun Yu
Pak Choi, Dynasty
Pak Choi, Extra Dwarf
Pak Choi, Green Fortune
Pak Choi, Hua Kwan
Pak Choi, Joi Choi
Pak Choi, Little Shanghai
Pak Choi, Luxiu
Pak Choi, Mei Qing
Pak Choi, Prize Choi
Pak Choi, Qing King
Pak Choi, Qingdao Express
Pak Choi, Rubi
Pak Choi, Shanghai
Pak Choi, Shanghai Chiang
Pak Choi, Shanghai Purple
Pak Choi, Shiro
Pak Choi, Taiwan
Pak Choi, Toy Choy
Pak Choi, Toy Green
Pak Choi, Wa Wa Qing
Pak Choi, White Stemmed
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, Canton Bok
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, Ho Tau Bok
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, Hotau Impr.
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, Nabai Queen
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, Nabai Slo
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, New Nabai
Pak Choi, White Stemmed, White Bok
Pak Choi, Wuta
Perilla, Asia Ip
Perilla, Bau Sin, Late
Perilla, Britton
Perilla, Jeok Ssam Ip
Perilla, Korean
Perilla, Qing Su (green)
Perilla, Red
Perilla, Zi Su (purple)
Pickling Melon (Yue Gua), White Strips
Purslane, French
Purslane/Miner's Lettuce/Claytonia
Purslane/Miner's Lettuce/Claytonia, Golden
Purslane/Miner's Lettuce/Claytonia, Spring Beauty/Claytonia virginica
Purslane/Miner's Lettuce/Claytonia, Tall Green
Purslane/Miner's Lettuce/Claytonia, Winter
QD-2 Express
Qing Summer #1
Salad Burnet
Scarlet Queen Turnip Greens
SD Mini Napa, Chinese cabbage
Sea Spinach
Shungiku, Big Leaf
Shungiku, Broad Leaf
Shungiku, Ficoïde Glaciale
Shungiku, Komi
Shungiku, Oasis Q
Shungiku, Tong Ho Large Leaf
Sorrel, Alpine
Sorrel, Belleville
Sorrel, French
Sorrel, Large Leaf
Sorrel, Patience
Sorrel, Profusion
Sorrel, Red Veined
Sorrel, Sheep
Stem Mustard, North Round
Stem Mustard, Wa Wa Gaichoi
Tah Tsai
Tatsoi, Green Coin
Tatsoi, Rainbow
Tokyo Bekana
Topper Turnip Greens
Tsa Tsai, North Round
Tsoi-Sim Purple
Turkish Rocket
Turnip Top Namenia
Wa Wa Sai Sui Choi
Water Convolvulus, Bamboo White
Water Convolvulus, Green Broad
Water Convolvulus, HK White
Winter melon
Wo Ju (Celtuce), Purple Sword
Wo Ju (Celtuce), Spring Tower Summer
Wo Ju (Celtuce), Summer 38
Wong Bok
Yu Tsai Sum
Yu Tsai Sum, Jade Spring
Yuki, Nappa