Give a Charitable Donation
Give a Charitable Donation
Seeds of Diversity Canada is a registered Canadian charity (89650 8157 RR0001). We depend on donations to do our work. Please support our horticultural preservation and educational projects by making a tax-creditable donation.

Use my donation for (choose as many as you want):

 Seed conservation: rescuing and distributing rare seed varieties
 Youth in Food Systems: inspiring youth to become the sustainable food leaders of tomorrow
 Seedy Saturdays/Sundays: supporting local community seed events
 Where it's needed the most

Membership (new or renewal)
Membership (new or renewal)

Seeds of Diversity members can participate in our seed exchange and seed grow-out programs, and support many projects in their communities.

Membership is free!

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Garlic bulbils available for planting

Garlic bulbils are available for autumn planting. These are not garlic bulbs! See our article How to Grow Garlic from Bulbils if you're not sure what bulbils are or what to do with them.

We will send 5 varieties for $15, with at least 10 bulbils of each variety. We cannot ensure special requests but if you have favourites, please mention them in the Notes section below, and we will try to include them.

Varieties available / Les variétés disponibles
Alison's California Late Fauquier Killarney
Red Rezan
Armenian Porcelain Cedar Creek French Red
Korean Purple Metechi
Russian Giant
Baba Franchuk's Central Siberian
Gaia's Joy
Belarus Chesnuk Red Georgian Crystal
Persian Star

Beletic Croatian

Chet's Italian German Red
Portugal Azores 1 Sicilian
Bogatyr Chiloe German Stiffneck
Purple Glazer
Brown Rose Chinese 1 Khabar Malpasse
Racey Wild Buff
Brown Tempest Chinese 2 Kiev Mediterranean Railway Creek Yugoslavian

Sorry, we are not able to ship garlic to the U.S.

 Please send samples of garlic bulbils for $15

Adopt a Variety into the Canadian Seed Library

You can adopt a heritage seed variety into our Seed Library collection forever, with a donation!

A full adoption of $250 will preserve a seed variety for all time. You can also make a partial adoption of any amount. Donations of $50 or more will be permanently recognized in the Seed Library, and the full amount of every adoption is a tax-receiptable charitable donation.

Choose a variety to adopt: as needed
   See Varieties Here

Full adoption $250.00
Partial adoption

Adopt in the name of: my name
as a gift to

See descriptions here

How to Save Your Own Seeds, 6th edition$20.00

La conservation des semences (French)$20.00

U.S. orders: please add $5 for shipping in the Miscellaneous Payment box below

Contact our office for discount rates on bulk orders of 10 or more.

Other Payments

For payments not itemized on this form, please enter the amount here and provide a detailed explanation in the Notes section below.

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