Organic seed is produced by farmers who follow certified organic practices - just as organic produce is grown. You can support organic seed growers by purchasing certified organic seed. See our Ecological Seed Finder for sources!

Seeds of Diversity supports organic seed production through two programs:

Vegetable Seed Producers Network

Organizing knowledgeable and skilled growers in Ontario into a connected network of seed producers to produce vegetable and specialty crop seeds which will then be pooled for bulk-scale supply to vegetable farmers, gardeners, and other growers, and


ECOSGN (Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network)

A network of organic seed growers from across Eastern Canada who we partner with to host an organic seed production conference every 2 years.


We also partner with the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security to support farmers and gardeners who are increasing the amount of regionally-adapted organic seed produced right here in Canada.

Find organic seed in Canada:

 Ecological Seed Finder