Our Seed Library is a collection of over 2300 regionally-adapted and rare seed varieties, backing up the work of our member seed savers and Canadian heritage seed companies. Although we don't actively distribute these seeds to the general public yet, we keep them viable and available for future gardeners and farmers. As a not-for-profit project, we're dependant on volunteers and donors to:

  • Adopt a seed into the library, protecting it in perpetuity
  • Grow out seed and return freshly-saved seed to us
  • Donate varieties from your seed collection


Complete List of Varieties

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How Does it Work?

Seeds are either donated by the public, or identified as high-risk varieties and purchased from small seed houses. We keep the seeds in low-humidity frozen storage so they remain viable and available for future gardeners and farmers. If adopted, we guarantee that the seeds will be grown out on a regular basis to keep the supply fresh.

A Few Stats

  • Now storing 3666 samples of seeds
  • 15% permanently adopted through donations
  • Backing up 2370 varieties from 77 plant species

What does it look like? Imagine 147.43 kg of seeds carefully dried and stored in airtight jars in a big freezer!


These are your seeds, your collection, brought to you by the work and donations of hundreds of people.