About This Website


Pollination and pollinators are crucial to agricultural and wild ecosystems. One-third of human crops require animal pollinators (mostly insects) to produce yield, and in Canada the value of honey bee pollination services alone is estimated at almost $1 billion. If other pollinators are included, the value of this service grows even more.




This website is designed to provide information on the best management practices for crop pollination. It covers topics ranging from flower anatomy and function to the recommended pollinator stocking rates for different crops and pesticide safety for pollinators. It is focused on crops grown in Ontario, but much of the information can be easily applied outside the province and beyond.


The website is based on information provided in the report, “Pollination in the Agricultural Landscape: Best Management Practices for Crop Pollination” by Thomas Woodcock of the University of Guelph. A copy of this report can be downloaded here.



This website was created by NSERC-CANPOLIN, with the financial support of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the University of Guelph through the Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) program. Seeds of Diversity is generously hosting the website.


Please send any comments or questions to canpolin@uoguelph.ca.


Website publication date: October 2012.