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Help Keep Your Seed and Food Diversity Alive in 2024 !

For 40 years, Seeds of Diversity has championed the idea that ordinary gardeners can do extraordinary things together. Our programs are open for everyone's participation for free, and your support during the past year has made so many amazing things possible.

Today we're asking you to continue your financial support, because you feel that Seeds of Diversity is beneficial for society, your community of gardeners and seed savers, and you personally.

Here's what your donation supports

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  • Our Seed Library Collection, a back-up of over 5500 samples of seeds from our seed saver members, small seed companies, and collectors from coast to coast.

  • Our Member Seed Exchange, which lets seed savers share a vast assortment of home-saved seeds, and more importantly keep rare, non-commercialized varieties alive and in circulation.

  • Our support for Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays, even through the trials of the past three years, and continuing with the return of in-person events across the country in 2023!

  • Our Youth in Food Systems program, an innovative initiative that lets high-school-age food security advocates meet each other, learn together, and make real change for their future (and proves that the next generation is going to save us all!)


From all of us at Seeds of Diversity, and on behalf of all our hard-working volunteers, thank you so much for your past support. Any amount that you can give to support seed saving in 2024 is very much appreciated. Together we will keep protecting your seed heritage and diversity for years to come!


List Your Seeds in the 2024 Member Seed Exchange

Whether you are a long-time seed saver or a beginner, we invite you to list any seeds that you would like to share in the 2024 Member Seed Exchange. When you offer seeds, other members of Seeds of Diversity will contact you directly to request them, and they will pay you directly by e-transfer, cash, stamps, or other kinds of payments that you choose.

You can add or change your online list of seeds at any time, but the deadline to have them appear in our annual printed directory is January 8, 2024.


Youth in Food Systems - A Year in Review

Just over a year ago - December 1st, 2023 to be exact - we officially rebranded our youth program to Youth in Food Systems. Since then, we’ve continued working to bring more young people into our youth-driven projects, improve our engagement strategies and project outcomes, and create meaningful opportunities for youth to learn about our food systems, build skills and experiences, and explore careers in food & agriculture! 


Seed Libraries Across Canada, Part 7 - Northern Ontario

Through sharing seeds and resources, Seed Libraries bring communities together to protect and provide public access to seeds, building food sovereignty at a time of so much uncertainty within our food systems. In this part of our journey we head on up to Northern Ontario, where we meet three initiatives - in Bonfield, Sudbury, and Schreiber.


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List Your Seeds in the 2024 Member Seed Exchange

Youth in Food Systems - A Year in Review

Seed Libraries Across Canada, Part 7 - Northern Ontario

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