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Please note: Seeds of Diversity has no store, and no mail order seed sales. We collect back-up seed samples for conservation of endangered varieties, and recruit volunteers to help grow fresh seeds. This list is here to help you find commercial sources, and to help us set our conservation priorities.

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Other Greens and Vegetables - Varieties Sold in Canada

Achocha-Cyclanthera pedata -Lady's Slipper
Achocha-Cyclanthera pedata -Lady’s Slipper Fat Baby
Agretti/Barba di Frate/Saltwort
Alexanders -Smyrnium
Arrowhead - Sagittaria latifolia
Berries - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry
Berries - Alpine Strawberry
Berries - Aramis Garden Huckleberry
Berries - Black Cap Raspberry
Berries - Garden Huckleberry
Berries - Goji
Berries - Goji, Black
Berries - Goumi
Berries - Jaltomata
Berries - Red Huckleberry
Berries - Rugen Strawberry
Berries - Strawberry Fresca
Berries - Sunberry
Berries - White Alpine Strawberry
Berries - White Soul Strawberry
Berries - Wild Strawberry
Berries - Wonderberry
Bitter Melon
Bitter Melon, Black Pearl
Bitter Melon, Canton Green
Bitter Melon, Ganjyu
Bitter Melon, General
Bitter Melon, Green Pearl
Bitter Melon, Jasper
Bitter Melon, Joy Green
Bitter Melon, Long Thick
Camassia quamash
Caterpillar Plant (Scorpiurus muricatus)
Chickweed (Stellaria media)
Chinese Artichoke
Corn Salad/Mache
Corn Salad/Mache, Broadleaf Dutch
Corn Salad/Mache, Large Leaf
Corn Salad/Mache, Large Leaf Round
Corn Salad/Mache, Medallion
Corn Salad/Mache, Vilmorins
Corn Salad/Mache, Vit
Cynara Cardoon
Dandelion, French, Thick leaved
Dandy Dandelion
Doucette d’Alger/African Valerian
Earth Chestnut
Erba Stella/Minutina
French Sorrel
Gai Lan
Gobo, Shosaku
Gobo, Watanabe Early
Good King Henry
Groundnut/Apios americana
Hamburg, Parsley Rooted
Hog Peanut/Amphicarpa bracteata
Ice Plant
Jicama/Yam Bean
Magenta Spreen
Magentaspreen (Chenopodium giganteum)
Malva Crispa
Mashua Bogota Market
Mertensia maritima. Oyster Leaf
Nasturtium, Alaska
Pak Choi
Purslane Tall Green
Purslane, French
Purslane, Golden
Purslane, Tall Green
Purslane, Winter
Salad Burnet
Samphire, Japanese
Seakale, Lily White
Sorrel Bloody Dock
Sorrel, Belleville
Sorrel, Blonde de Lyon
Sorrel, Blood Veined Dock
Sorrel, Bloody Dock
Sorrel, French
Sorrel, Large Leaf
Sorrel, Red Veined
Sorrel, round
Sorrel, Sheep
Sorrel, Spinach
Stinging Nettle
Water Convolvulus