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Let's Talk About Our Pollinator Pals

Rayna Almas 


Pollinators are important! 

Wouldn’t you agree? Pollinators are still on the decline across the world, even with this message hurled at us left and right. So what’s the big deal? 

Invertebrate species have declined 45% over the last four decades or so. Research indicates that much of this decline is due to 3 main culprits: 

  1. Harmful agricultural practices (the hoary squash bee would like a word, please) 

  2. Urban sprawl 

  3. Climate change 


All three of these are gargantuan issues that seem pretty far removed from the ability of any one of us to make a difference. These are issues that our governments and corporations should surely be taking a look at, no? Of course. There is no way that any single person is the cause of, or solution to, our pollinator crisis

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things each and every one of us can do. 


Pollinator Week 2021

Pollinator Week is an annual event, run by our good friends over at Pollinator Partnership Canada (P2C), and this year, it’s happening from June 21st to June 27th. Since its inception 14 years ago in the United States, Pollinator Week has grown into an international celebration with one clear goal: the promotion and protection of all pollinators! 

You can celebrate and get involved any way you want. Things are looking a bit different this year due to COVID, but there are still plenty of ways to show your support. P2C has a handy toolkit available to help you celebrate and promote your involvement this year. 


Youth Portal: Pollinators

Seeds of Diversity’s School Food Gardens (SFG) project uses its Youth Portal to help spread the word about the importance of pollinators and encourage students to promote healthy habitats to preserve the many pollinator species of Canada. 

Oftentimes the public overlooks the incredibly important ways that pollinators play a role in our food systems. Without pollinators, one-third of the food we eat would disappear. You would be saying a swift bye to beloved foods such as almonds and most types of berries. Other food plants would survive, but with decreasing yields and quality. This page provides an insightful overview of some of the important ways that pollinators benefit our food system. 


You can take action right now! We have a helpful guide to get you started on promoting pollinators in your space.


We are all capable of doing something. Find your something


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