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Youth Taking Climate Action with School Food Gardens

By Rimal Raul and Rayna Almas

You’ve heard it all before: global warming is happening, the Earth is in trouble, we must take action now before it’s too late… You may even remember the hundreds and thousands of protesters joining the climate strikes back in September 2019

But Climate Change is a Serious Issue for Youth!

The disastrous effects of climate change are obvious in Canadian urban and rural communities in the form of floods, forest fires, droughts and heat waves.


Putting a Price on Carbon Pollution 

Our government has responded to these events with several initiatives to create and preserve a cleaner Canadian environment. 

One of these initiatives is putting a price on carbon pollution. Residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta are charged a federal carbon tax (also known as the federal fuel charge) which means increased expenses for fuel, heating etc). In these provinces (that have not committed to pricing carbon pollution at the provincial level), there is a climate action incentive -- line 45110 on the tax return: The Climate Action Incentive to help residents of those provinces get back some money to cover the costs of going green. Does your family use this Incentive? 


Climate Change - Youth Portal 

The School Food Gardens project has taken this issue to heart and dedicated an entire section of our Youth Portal to increase awareness and engage youth about Climate Change.

We’re getting youth, parents, and teachers thinking about issues that are impacting the world they live in now and in the future. Check out some of the many engaging activities in climate-friendly gardening

As kids become gardeners, they start to consider how to care for the Earth. Here they can learn about how to prevent the problems of climate change, as well as those of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plastic seedling containers, and of course, water usage.


July’s 30-Day Climate Action Challenge

This year, School Food Gardens launched a virtual 30-Day Climate Action Challenge.

From July 1 to 30, anyone, anywhere, can participate to discover simple ways to help act on climate change and reduce their environmental impact.

Acts can be completed individually, with family, friends, or even coworkers. Together we’ll look at topics including: food, waste, water, energy and so much more.

Sign up for the challenge today!


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