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Seed Libraries Across Canada, Part 9: MYSL

by Marynil Munoz, Teresa Nguyen, and Saniya Gunputh

Mississauga Youth Seed Library (MYSL or MY Seed Library) is a youth-led seed library based on Treaty 13 land (City of Mississauga, Ontario) that launched in September of 2022. MYSL was co-created out of the desire to welcome and steward the world we want to live in. We craved to see more youth-centred initiatives in environmental and community spaces. That youth would be leading and empowered in these spaces.

Our main focus is reconnecting people with the land and each other through seeds. Our main offerings are seeds of course, where folks can order up to five different seed varieties from us and we mail them to you. Additionally, we weave our other personal passions such as art and crafts into workshops like seed paper and natural watercolour making. It is important for us to expand what a seed library does and who it reaches. We aim to build a stronger community responsibility to steward the world we want to live in. Additionally, we hope that when folks interact with us and the seeds, that they share the sacred responsibility of doing and supporting this work and leaving a legacy for future generations. 


In the early stages of this project’s development, we often noticed a lack of diversity in environmental work and at events celebrating this type of work, including a lack of youth voices. Our seed library’s team, including those who have supported us as mentors and guides, comprises people from different backgrounds and life experiences. With this in mind, MYSL was created with the goal of reflecting the communities that it serves. We aim to provide a rich and diverse seed collection mirroring the fusion of cultures in our communities, and education that reflects the learnings and perspectives of people of all ages and experiences. We want this project to create a space where we can connect to and learn from youth and other underrepresented groups, and have their voices at the forefront of critical environmental movements. MYSL also aims to increase access to locally-adapted seeds and knowledge on seed saving and gardening, and  increase seed biodiversity and climate resilience. Ultimately, our overarching goal is reconnecting people to the land, themselves and community through seeds. 




When thinking of a seed library, the usual library full of seeds comes to mind. MYSL does not fit the usual mold of a seed hub to grow and borrow seeds. For us, being a seed library is beyond just the seeds. It is the whole seed cycle, from the growth to the harvesting; it is the volunteers who we make memories with, the other organizations putting us under their wings, and the students who are inspired to take the next steps in environmental sustainability. We foster a community of growth and a safe space to learn for everyone involved. Moreso, our main focus recently has been getting more students involved and encouraging youth leadership. We want to engage more students and teachers in ecoschools to take more action or simply be more involved with the seed community. Evidently, it is the seeds that bring us all together. MYSL has hosted seed ball making workshops, seed paper making workshops, watercolour making workshops, seed saving workshops, seed pop ups, seed giveaway booths, care package making workshops and much more! Take a look at our Time Capsule on our website! The workshops that we host are always free to the general members of the public because we believe that seed education should be free. It is a right to learn, not a privilege. 




Recently, we were at our first event of the year! This event was Ecobuzz, an environmental conference, hosted by Ecosource and PEYA, with the goal of engaging students across Peel in environmental education and exposing them to the numerous people and groups leading climate action in the region. This is in hopes that they will carry on this knowledge to their schools and communities! At this event, we hosted workshops on starting a seed library, and the importance of youth in this type of work. Additionally, we handed out seeds and growing resources, and connected with teachers and students passionate to start similar projects at their schools. 


There are many ways you can get involved in this project! You can donate or borrow seeds from us, through this link. To attend our workshops, you can also access that link to register. We are currently planning many exciting events for the spring and summer, so stay tuned for more details! To receive updates, feel free to sign up for our newsletter through the link above and follow us on Instagram @myseedlibrary! For any questions, feel free to contact us at We hope to see you at our events! 🌱


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