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With free membership, what's the best way to support Seeds of Diversity this year?

For the past 33 years, thousands of people have paid an annual membership fee to support Seeds of Diversity's programs and services. A few months ago our board suggested - and the vast majority of respondents agreed - that memberships should be free from now on.

Our members told us, overwhelmingly, that there should be a difference between participation and financial support. Memberships are for those who want to contribute, participate, and learn from each other, and there shouldn’t be a price on that.

Today I’m asking you to continue your financial support, separately from your membership, because you feel that Seeds of Diversity is beneficial for society, your community of gardeners and seed savers, and you personally.

Your donation counts more than ever now

Make a charitable donation today to support Seeds of Diversity

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From now on, just about everything that Seeds of Diversity does will be paid for by donations.

  • Our Seed Library Collection, a back-up of over 7000 samples of seeds from our seed saver members, small seed companies, and collectors from coast to coast.

  • Our Member Seed Exchange, which lets seed savers share a vast assortment of home-saved seeds, and more importantly keep rare, non-commercialized varieties alive and in circulation.

  • Our support for Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays, even through the trials of the past two years when we helped over 50 local events to shift their programs online. 

  • Our Youth in Food Systems program, an innovative initiative that lets high-school-age food security advocates meet each other, learn together, and make real change for their future (and proves that the next generation is going to save us all!)


From all of us at Seeds of Diversity, and on behalf of all our hard-working volunteers, thank you so much for your past support. Any amount that you can give to support seed saving in 2022 is very much appreciated. Together we will keep protecting your seed heritage and diversity for years to come!


Some New Tips for Listing Your Seeds in the Seed Exchange

If you've offered seeds through our Seed Exchange in previous years, you'll notice some changes this time around. The big change for 2022 is that membership is free, so we hope to see all of our participating members renewing, and that probably means more activity for the Seed Exchange.

If you haven't offered seeds before, it's easy to do. Any member can list their seeds in the Seed Exchange right here.


Youth: Agents of Food Systems Change

We really are at a crossroads, and we need innovation to move ourselves towards sustainable food systems instead of on the path to further destruction. And which path we take will be largely decided by... youth. Youth participation in decision-making is vital, and in order for this to happen, there have to be changes made to the system so that their voices may be heard. This generation of young people alive today is the largest cohort of adolescents to ever live on Earth. We should be fostering and empowering new voices in this space (and there are so many voices waiting to be heard!). But how do we do that effectively? 


Grow Your Own Luffa!

One of the most popular social media crazes in the vegetable gardening world lately is the Luffa Gourd. Grown in some countries as an edible (it belongs to the cucumber family), most people are currently growing them for their rough, spongey insides.

As an avid social media user in the gardening sphere, I determined that I had to follow suit and try growing them this year. These gourds have a long growing season, which is extended even further due to the drying process. To successfully obtain the dry, spongey insides you must allow the plant to grow to maturity first and then let the fruit dry out on the vine.


Community Seed Grow-outs

During the past summer, Seeds of Diversity in partnership with the EFAO's Seed Program, offered three Community Seed Grow-out programs. We were thrilled with the number of members who participated. Here are the results of your efforts so far!


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Some New Tips for Listing Your Seeds in the Seed Exchange

Youth: Agents of Food Systems Change

Grow Your Own Luffa!

Community Seed Grow-outs

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