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May 2015

Happy Planting!

Seedy Saturdays are (nearly) over for the year, seed orders are (nearly) all done. What do Seeds of Diversity members do now?

We don't know, because we're too busy planting our gardens, but we think that's what you're probably doing too. Wherever you are, we wish you the perfect balance of warmth, sun, and rain to get your seeds off to the best start.

And while they're sprouting, read on about Angie's reflections on seeds, Judy's wrap up of 2015's amazing Seedy Days, and Bob's tips for sowing a seed garden.

Wishing you a great growing season!


A Market Gardener's Changing Relationship with Seeds

I’ve been running a market garden for seven years now, starting on two acres and working my way up to five. I’ve followed organic production methods all along, and became certified five years ago. I’ve been a strong proponent of local food systems – always selling 100% of my produce within my municipal Region. But, oddly enough, until I started working at Seeds of Diversity a few winters ago, seeds were not something I really thought of as part of our food system.  To be honest, I didn’t think about the source of my seed much about at all.


Seeds of Diversity Behind the Scenes at Seedy Saturdays and Sundays

As Seedy Days are winding down once again, we thought it was a good time to look back on the events this year, reflect on the part we have played in them, and on the great work done by volunteers and seed savers across the country. 


5 Tips for Planting Your Seed Saving Garden

See last month's article on Planning Your Seed Garden

Are you thinking of saving some seeds this year? It's time to plant your seed garden, and there are a few adjustments you should consider to make the best conditions for your plants when the time comes for them to produce their seeds.

Here are my top five tips for planting your seed saving garden:


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A Market Gardener's Changing Relationship with Seeds

Seeds of Diversity Behind the Scenes at Seedy Saturdays and Sundays

5 Tips for Planting Your Seed Saving Garden

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