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Great Canadian Garlic Collection
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If you are a garden plant you are well regarded just as long as you stay in the garden.
- Davies Gilbert
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Your Role as a Garlic Grower

Any member of Seeds of Diversity can volunteer to be a Garlic Grower in this project. The number of volunteers is limited by the supply of garlic each year, but we are doing our best to expand the project to include as many volunteers as possible.

Unfortunately we have no garlic available at this time. We encourage you to obtain interesting garlic varieties from commercial sources and use the Garlic Observation Form to record their characteristics.

1) You will receive your first garlic samples in September or October. Each sample contains three to five bulbs (about one pound) depending on the size of the bulbs. Plant your garlic right away, following the instructions in this booklet.

2) During the next summer, observe your garlic carefully as it grows and fill in a Garlic Observation Form for each variety as characteristics appear. Extra forms can be downloaded from our web site.

3) Harvest your garlic when it reaches maturity. See the instructions in this booklet. Allow the garlic to cure for a few weeks. Again, make careful observations and complete the Garlic Observation Form for each of your varieties.

4) A project coordinator will contact you during the summer to help you with any difficulties that you might have.

5) Send the completed Garlic Observation Forms to Seeds of Diversity's office.

6) If you wish to grow additional varieties in your second and subsequent years, you can choose from a list of varieties that will be available in late summer.

7) Repeat the process for a second year, with each variety. This is very important, since garlic characteristics can be affected by a range of factors, including unusual weather.

What if Your Garlic Doesn't Grow?

No problem. Even the best gardeners have poor harvests from time to time. Maybe the winter was too cold, or you had a personal problem that prevented you from getting to your garden.

Whatever the reason, as long as you want to keep volunteering with the project, we want you back! Just contact Seeds of Diversity's office. Our friendly coordinators can help you with any difficulties and restore any samples that you need.