Suzanne (Susan) Hanna, Chair
Suzanne has been on the Seeds of Diversity board since 2010, and is currently the Chair of the Board. She also sits on the boards of the Algoma Food Network and the Ontario Horticultural Association. She organizes Seedy Saturday events in Northern Ontario and is an avid gardener and seed saver, based in Sault St Marie, ON.
Roman Raskin, Treasurer
Roman Raskin is a manager at Crowe Soberman’s Audit & Advisory Group, and works with for-profit and not-for-profit groups. Providing a combination of business advice, tax planning and money saving ideas, Roman enjoys watching the small to medium-sized businesses he works with grow and thrive. When he is not working, he provides free tax services in the annual ICAO Tax Clinic for low-income individuals and organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. He is a sports enthusiast, and likes spending time in the great outdoors and with family and friends.

Colleen Zilio, Vice Chair

Colleen Zilio has worked in for profit and not-for-profit sectors, specializing in start-up and operations. After working in Europe and the United States for nine years, she returned home to Sudbury in 2009. The move back to Sudbury has enabled her to become an active community volunteer. She currently sits on the board of Seeds of Diversity Canada, the City of Greater Sudbury Healthy Community Cabinet, Vale Environmental Monitoring Team and is the Chair of the Ward 1 Community Action Network. Colleen is actively engaged in the community gardening movement in Sudbury, and grows with the Ward 1 Shared Garden at Delki Dozzi Park and is the acting Chairperson of the Sudbury Community Garden Network. She is a graduate of Laurentian University (HBPHE) and Queen's University (M.Sc MBA).
Michelle Smith, Secretary
Michelle has been farming in Cape Breton for 30 years. She grows a wide variety of open-pollinated, heirloom seeds of grains, dry beans, potatoes, squashes and tomatoes as part of her rotation, and has built up a store of practical and technical knowledge. She has been a staunch advocate in many arenas for farmer-driven agricultural policies and farmer-centred rural development. In her extension work she hopes to engage farmers and gardeners to develop seed-saving as part of a strategy to make their farms adaptable and responsive to changes in climate and markets.
Nick Wees, Director
Nick Wees is dedicated to all forms of small-scale food production. He has been a seed-saving member of Seeds of Diversity and a volunteer at the Victoria Seedy Saturday for several years, and an intensive organic vegetable gardener for many more. He is currently studying cultural and social anthropology at the University of Victoria. He joined the board of directors in 2013.
Karen Farmer, Director
Karen Farmer is a keen supporter of urban agriculture and local food production. She has helped start 5 community gardens in Saskatoon, where she lives. She is also a long-time volunteer for USC, and has represented them at Seedy Saturdays for the past six years. Karen joined the SODC board in 2013.
Kelly Gilliam, Director
Kelly has been a member of our board since 2012, having previously served on the Board of Directors for, and also runs the Populuxe Seed Bank.  She has also studied archaeology, with a focus on Mesoamerican agriculture and trades routes within North America. Kelly is based in Edmonton, AB.
Kate Green, Director
Kate has been the program manager at USC Canada for close to 20 years. In that time she has focused on the work with farmers in Nepal and Bangladesh and is quite well connected to the seed movement in Canada. She has degrees from Queen's, the University if East Anglia (UK) and Ryerson University, is based in Ottawa, ON and has been on the Seeds of Diversity board since 2012.
Nadia Talent, Director
Nadia is a botanist based in Toronto, ON, and a research associate at the Royal Ontario Museum. Her specialty is the reproductive strategies of plants in the rose family, such as hawthorn and shadbush. She has been a Seeds of Diversity board member since 2012.